RV1126 Development Board + Sony IMX415 Camera Sonsor

AI IPC Rockchip RV1126 IMX415 Sony lens camera sensor board module SDK software development kit MIPI IP USB

  • Quad-core Rockchip RV1126 or RV1109 and Sony IMX415 lens sensor camera PCB board module are our latest AI IPC products and face recognition solutions for your project.

  • We offer our SDK software development kit and Linux firmware update tool with driver download and user manual installation guide.

  • This soc has a MIPI connector and an IP ethernet RJ45 output, and web UI management.

  • Our datasheet has Pinout details and a wiring diagram, The price of the HD ZOOM CMOS fps dash cam with the network is cheaper, and quality is guaranteed, good feedback, and review this year.

  • We also offer technical support for developing your project. Please contact us at [email protected] for any further information.

Camera module specification

Module No.: DW-RV415- -38-V1.0

Substrate: PCB–FR4

Module size: 38*38*23. 8

Sensor Type: IMX415-AAQR-C

Effective pixel array: 3864 (H) х 2192 (V)

Pixel Size: 1.45 um (H) X 1.45 Hm (V)

Power Supply:

AVDD: 2. 9v

I/0: 1. 8V

DVDD: 1. 1V

Temperature Range: -30C–85C

Best Temperature Range: -10C–60″C

Max Frame rate: 3840 (H) X 2160 (V) 12 bit: 60.3 frame/s

Output Formats: 12 bit: 60.3 frame/s; 10 bit: 90.9 frame/s

Encapsulation mode: CSP

Camera LENS specification

Lens size: 1/2. 8″

The lens structure: 1G4P+650IR

F/No: 1.6土5%

EFL: 4.27MM

Optical FOV: D=104″ H=87″ V=44′