Rockchip RV1126 core board IPC AI development module Artificial Intelligenc

Rockchip RV1126 core board IPC AI development module Artificial Intelligence PCBA circuit pinout customized ODM IP ethernet output RSTP H264/265


  • This AI artificial intelligence module is based on the core board with the stamp hole full interface developed by Rockchip’s RV1109/RV1126 AI media processing chip. It is small in size and rich in interfaces, which is convenient for customers to evaluate and develop projects quickly.

  • This AI artificial intelligence module is widely used in wireless screen projection, intelligent visual robots, drones, intelligent IPC, face recognition panel machines, face capture cameras, video doorbells, gate access control, face recognition, driving recorder, high-definition video conference system, etc.



• ARM Cortex-A7 1.5GHz 32-bit core which integrates NEON and FPU.

There is a 32KB I-cache and 32KB D-cache for each core and a 512KB unified L2 cache.

• RSIC-V 400MHz


• 2Tops, support INT8/ INT16


• 32bit DDR4 1G

• Support eMMC 8G

• Support fast booting


• MIPI-DSI/RGB interface, up to 1080P60fps

2D Graphics Engine

• Support rotation, x-mirror, y-mirror

• Support alpha blending

• Support scale-down/up


• 14M ISP 2.0 with 3F HDR(Line-based/Frame- based/DCG)

• Support 2*MIPI CSI /LVDS/sub-LVDS

• DVP interface with BT.656/BT.1120

• 4K H.264/H.265 30fps video encoder

• 3840 x [email protected] [email protected] fps encoding

• 4K H.264/H.265 30fps video decoder

• 3840 x [email protected] encoding + 3840 x2160 @30fps decoding

External interface

• RGMII interface with TSO network acceleration

• USB 2.0 OTG and USB 2.0 • Dual SDIO 3.0 interface for Wi-Fi and SD card

• 8ch I2S with TDM/PDM, 2ch I2S


• 2020 Q4

• SMIC 14nm, QFN 156 1.0

SOC: RV1126, RV1109

RAM: 32-bit, 512MB*2


NPU: 0TOPS, support RKNNAI frame

USB interface: Two USBs, one independent OTG, one independent HOST

UART serial port: 6 TTL3.3V level, one of which is Debug

GPIO Interface: 102 GPIOs (Note: there is a multiplexing function, please check the pin definition in this specification>

PWM interface: 5-way PWM has 3.3V/1.8V levels respectively (please check the pin definition in this specification)

MIPI DSI shows: 1 channel Maximum 1920×1080 60fps

CAN: 1 channel

RGB display: 1 channel RGB 888 display interface, maximum 1920×1080

DVP camera interface: 1 channel 16-bit parallel DVP camera interface

MIPI camera interface: 2 channels MIPI CSI RAW data camera interface (one channel 4K/30)

Voice output: 1 channel Left and right channel output

voice input: 1 PDM digital silicon microphone input, 1 analog LANE_IN input or I2S

SDIO interface: 2 SDIO interfaces, one TF card, the other can be connected to WIFI

ADC interface: 6 ADC interface

I2C interface: 4 I2C interface

SPI Interface: 2-way SPI interface

Ethernet: – one-way RGMII PHY interface, Gigabit Ethernet

system upgrade: supports local USB upgrade

Size: 38*48mm

PCB layers: FR4-6 layers

Working range: -10℃-7o℃

As an RV1126 Rockchip core board circuit supplier, we also offer to pin out customized second development layout design produce services and products.

This AI artificial intelligence core module is an AI intelligent module designed based on Rockchip RV1126 high-performance AI processor, quad-core RV1126 ARM [email protected] 32-bit core, integrated NEON, and FPU. Each core has a 32KB l-cache and 32KB D-cache and 512KB unified L2 cache. Built-in NPU supports INT8/INT16 mixed operation, computing power up to 2TOPS Built-in RISC-V architecture MCU; supports Linux4.19 operating system, the network model has strong compatibility, supports a series of deep learning such as TensorFlow / MXNet / PyTorch! Caffe framework that is easy to convert. Super performance, fast system startup, and high stability.

Can be adapted to different face recognition algorithms, suitable for embedding in various AI vision products, widely used in binocular face recognition panel machines, AI binocular cameras, smart communities, smart doorbells, smart access control/cat’s eye, face payment, Related industries related to intelligent upgrades such as driving recorders, game interaction, and webcasting.

The carrier board or motherboard for the core board module.