China factory for RV1126 core bard, development board

RV1126 Development Baord

This board has the input and output port, and as long as power is supplied, the customer can start debugging, including modifying the software, making it ideal for the customer to take samples for the first time to evaluate the RV1126 performance.

RV1126 Development Board + Camera

In addition to the development board, many customers request that we ship it to them with a good camera so that they can begin software work as soon as he receives it. The development board and camera are included in this model. It is ideal for customers who are taking the sample test for the first time.

RV1126 Core Board

This is the main chip, RV1126, on the core board. It is ready for mass production after customers have determined the prototype. And he has already constructed the motherboard, which can be directly connected to our main board. It is impossible to function solely on the core board.

RV1126 AI-IPC Board

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  1. How many MIPI CSI connectors are on your board?

  1. RV1126 supports two MIPI CSI connectors, on our development board, there is only one MIPI CSI connector. It is for some clients to try and learn, not make the full port.

  2. If you have specific requirements that two MIPI CSI connectors, then please choose our core board + carrier board. Please check the below picture. (red arrow)

  3. The carrier's board size is 90x120mm

Rockchip RV1126 block diagram

Rockchip RV1109 block diagram