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RV1126 development board China manufacturer factory supplier

RV1126 AI-IPC Module Development Board EVB

This RK RV1126 Soc AI-IPC board has the input and output port, and as long as power is supplied, the customer can start debugging, including modifying the software, making it ideal for the customer to take samples for the first time to evaluate the RV1126 performance.

Rockchip RV1126 RV1109 development board sony imx415 camera sensorChina manufacturer factory supplier

RV1126 Development Board + Camera sensor

In addition to the development board, many customers request that we ship it to them with a good camera so that they can begin software work as soon as he receives it. The development board and camera are included in this model. It is ideal for customers who are taking the sample test for the first time.

Rockchip RV1126 RV1109 core board AI-IPC China manufacturer factory supplier

RV1126 Core Board EVB PCB

This is the main chip, RV1126, on the core board. It is ready for mass production after customers have determined the prototype. And he has already constructed the motherboard, which can be directly connected to our main board. It is impossible to function solely on the core board.

RV1126 AI-IPC Board

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1. How many MIPI CSI connectors are on your board?

  1. RV1126 supports two MIPI CSI connectors, on our development board, there is only one MIPI CSI connector. It is for some clients to try and learn, not make the full port.

  2. If you have specific requirements that two MIPI CSI connectors, then please choose our core board + carrier board. Please check the below picture. (red arrow)

  3. The carrier's board size is 90x120mm

RV1126 core board carrier's board China manufacturer factory supplier

2. What exactly is an RV1126 development board?

  1. RV1126 is a full-featured multi-interface board built with Rockchip's RV1109 RV1126 chip. It is a standard board used by new customers to evaluate chip functions, run performances, and demonstrate the chip's powerful multimedia and peripheral interface functions.

  2. After the customer confirms the performance, they modify the interface to meet the needs of their project and redesign a new carrier board or motherboard so that it can connect directly to the RV1126 core board.

3. How about RV1126 vs RV1109?

The RV1126 and RV1109 have the same functional interface, with the exception that the RV1126 is a quad-core and the RV1109 is a dual-core, and the RV1126 is slightly more powerful. The RV1126 has a 1400-pixel ISP processor with 2TOPS of NPU arithmetic, whereas the RV1109 has a 5MP ISP processor with 1.2TOPS of NPU arithmetic. Both are P2P designs, easy to replace, and can effectively reduce development costs by forming a high and low-end product line.

4. What system of your RV1126? Can I buildroot?

Our RV1126 is on the base of Linux, not Android.

We can offer you the SDK software development kit to make your own buildroot.

RV1126 Application

Rockchip RV1126 RV1109 application China manufacturer factory supplier

RV1126 Web UI parameter setting

6 steps to check RV1126 face recognition

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RV1126 Features

Head Detection

Object Detection

Face Landmark

Face KeyPoint Landmark

Face Analyze

Face Recognition

Face Attribute Analyze

Compare Two Face

Car Plate Detection

Car plate Recognition

Car plate Align

Human KeyPoint

Body Keypoint

Finger Keypoint

Track Detection

RV1126 and RV1109 are the power chipset from the Rockchip company. They are used same pins define, it can replace according to your project requirement. Debian Audio ADB tool Docker FFmpeg GitHub GPIO GStreamer GPU NPU NFS OpenCV OSD OpenGL Python PWM PyTorch RKNN RGA Risc-V SOM Schematic TRM TenGine ThinkCcore TC-rv1126 ToyBrick TB-rv1126 ubuntu UVC UART WIFI Firefly